Sous nos Yeux (partie2)

Sous nos Yeux (partie2)

Group Exhibition
From Thursday, Sep 19, 2013
To Sunday, Nov 17, 2013
At La Kunsthalle
Mulhouse, France

Sous nous yeux (“Before our eyes”) is a project made up of several exhibitions, artist residencies, encounters, and productions. Two exhibitions, a radio program, and multiple productions are planned in Mulhouse under the direction of Abdellah Karroum guest curator at La Kunsthalle in 2013.

Sous nos yeux (part 2) continues the exploration of artworks’production contexts and the conditions in which they are displayed. In opposition to the first part in which the works were shown in an open space, in the second part the space is built, fragmented as successive pages of a book. In an original layout, linking the idea of an open book to an architectural labyrinth, the viewer can choose to read or navigate through the many entries to the artworks.

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